Service Units


Service Units are a way to track productivity in Valant defined at the procedure code level. Service units allow practices to define the relative amount of work different types of services take for your providers. There are a number of reports to view productivity and service units preformed. 

For example, your practice may provide a procedure code 90837/60 min psychotherapy session that is considered 1 unit. Then you could weight a 90834/45 min psychotherapy session as .75 units and 90791/ 90 min psychotherapy session as 1.5 units. Reports can be run to measure productivity with reporting. 


Service Units can be configured for transaction codes under Transaction Codes | Procedures. Select an existing transaction code or create a new code and complete the "Service Units" field to apply a default service unit to a code. 

Editing Service Units

Service units for existing appointments or charges can be edited on the in the Pending Transaction Queue (PTQ) or View/Edit Charges. 

  • If your practices uses the Pending Transaction Queue service units can be edited here by editing the line item. 
  • In View/Edit Charges you can edit the transaction code line item to change the service units. 


  • System Reports
    • Service Units: Report in "System Reports" under the billing category. This report will show you the total amount of Service Units. It can be organized by procedure code and other filtering options. 
  • Report Center
    • Payroll by Service Units: Report under the Billing category in the Report Center that allows practices to complete payroll using a rate per service unit. 
    • Service Units: Report in the Billing category in the Report Center that gives a total of units and service units by transaction code. This report is very similar to "Service Units" report.
    • Service Unit Summary: Report in the Billing category in the Report Center that shows a summary or high level view of service unit count that can be grouped by Provider, Rendering provider, or Supervisee
    • Weekly Service Units: Report in the Billing category in the Report Center that shows a count of Service Units categorized by week, and can be grouped by Patients, Patients (Continuous), or Provider.

Note: Service Units are not tied to the billing of claims or included on patient statements. 

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