PPS: Reset Password

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

For security reasons, Valant Technical Support is unable to look up or recover a user's password. However, resetting a password in the Valant Private Practice Suite is quick, easy, and automated.

  1. Access the login page
  2. Click on Forget your Password?
  3. Enter the username and email address that was supplied to Valant when the account was created. If the email that is associated with the username has been forgotten as well, an email or a call to Support will be required
  4. Click on Submit and the following screen will appear confirming an email will be sent to the email that is associated with the username
  5. When the email arrives, click the reset password link. The following screen will appear:

  1. Enter a password that has not been used in the previous five password
  2. Enter the password again in the :Re-enter password: field
  3. Answer the three security questions.  These questions would have been selected and answered by the user during the initial setup. (Bear in mind, these answers are case-sensitive, so be sure and use capitalization consistent with that initially used.)
  4. Click on Validate Answers and Set Password

After the password has been successfully reset, go back to the login page access the EHR

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