Requesting Access to our E-learning Platform

If your organization is new to Valant please reach out to your implementation manager.

If you are your organization’s point of contact with Valant and would like to enroll a new hire into an e-learning course, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your practice name
  2. Full name of the person who requires training
  3. E-mail address of the person who requires training
  4. Include which of the following courses are required


Billing - (Please state if your organization uses Pending Transaction Queue [PTQ] or not)


Mobile Notes

Other Documentation Tools

Patient Portal

Credit Card Processing

NOTE: If you do not know if the practice uses PTQ or not, just choose Easy Billing. The Easy Billing course includes all the topics covered in Billing except for PTQ.

After we receive this information a new e-learning account will be created within one business day. At that time the student will receive a login email. Please inform the student that the email will come from, therefore, it may end up in the SPAM folder. Please consider you will not receive a confirmation email or reply from

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