Users have the ability to set patient and non-patient reminders in Valant. This can be for specific clinical tasks associated with a patient or general reminder assigned to a provider or staff for a task not associated with a patient. This can be any reminder, to contact a certain payer, refill the printer with paper or any task necessary. 

Reminders can be accessed in the EHR two different ways:

  • From the navigation menu click Tools | Reminders
  • From the Dashboard click the Reminders Due hyperlink

The Reminders page allows users to search and filter reminders. 

New reminders can be created by clicking +New

The "Reminder Date", "Assign To" and "Reminder" fields are all required to save. The "Patients" field is optional. Reminders can only be assigned to one patient and one user (Provider or Staff). Click Save to create the reminder, or after any updates. 

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