PPS: Firefox ESR Version 52 for Windows OS

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite. 

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox ESR (Version 60). This new version is not compatible with Microsoft Silverlight and does not support the Valant Private Practice Suite. Windows users can access Valant through Internet Explorer, in order to learn how to use Internet Explorer on Windows 10 click here. If you are a MAC or PC user who prefers to access Valant via Firefox, you may be required to install Firefox ESR Version 52, should an update of your version of Firefox take place. If this is happening please uninstall Firefox from your computer and proceed to complete the following steps (The following steps show Windows OS steps, if you are using a MAC OS please follow: Firefox ESR 52 Instructions for MAC OS):

  1. Click the link below that corresponds with your correct Windows OS to download Firefox ESR Version 52. If you don't know which Windows operating system you are running, you can follow the instructions here.
  1. Once the file is downloaded on your computer, open the file and you should see the setup wizard. Click Next to continue The following steps show on a Windows OS, if you are using a MAC OS please follow: Firefox ESR 52 Instructions for MAC OS


  1. On the “Choose Install Location” page select a location on the computer to install the folder. Click Next


  1. On the “Setup Type” page, click the “Custom” radio button and click Next to continue  


  1. On the “Set up Optional Components” page, users will need to deselect the “Install Maintenance Service” check box and click Next


  1. On the “Set Up Shortcuts” page Firefox will create shortcuts on the user’s desktop or in their start menu if the check boxes are left selected, this is recommended, then click Next


  1. The final screen is the “Completing the Mozilla Firefox Setup Wizard” page. If the “Launch Now” radio button is selected Firefox will open after the user clicks Finish, thus completing the install.

Once Version 52 has been installed, logging into Valant should perform as normal. There is a second more advanced process to preventing Firefox from updating in the future. That process can be accessed by following the steps in the article: Preventing Auto Updates Firefox-Advanced

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