PPS: Availability Search & Waitlist

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite. 

Availability Search and Waitlist allows users to search for open calendar time across multiple providers and facilities. Users can add patients’ preferred appointment times to a waitlist and use it to fill open calendar time.

Access to Availability Search & Waitlist

Requirements to access the Availability Search & Waitlist:

  • Admin Module Access for scheduler managers.
  • The Availability Module must be used by all Providers and Staff members.
  • All facilities and providers must set their available time before the system will function as intended.
  • Scheduler Availability must be turned on for the practice. This can be done from Persons and Institutions | Practice | Preferences | Select the "Scheduler availability" checkbox | Save

User-level Permissions required for Availability Search and Waitlist:

  • View Other Schedules
  • Edit Other Schedules
  • Schedule Outside Available Hours (optional)

To setup these permissions:

  1. In the admin module, click Persons and Institutions | Providers or Office Staff
  2. Select the user who you would like to make eligible to use Availability Module
  3. Click the Permissions tab
  4. Check the boxes for "View other Schedules", "Schedule Outside Available Hours", and "Schedule Availability Search"

  1. Click Save

Availability Search

Availability Search looks for open time in a provider’s schedule

To search for availability:

  1. Click Tools | Scheduler

  1. In the left panel click Availability Search

  1. Fill out the required fields in the “Availability Search” window

  1. When fields are set click Run Search
  2. Find the preferred appointment date/time, and click Schedule Appointment

  1. The “Appointment” box will appear, click OK, to add the appointment to the scheduler.

If the Availability Search returns no results, a patient can be added to the Waitlist.

Adding Patients to the Waitlist

Waitlist allows patient preferences for an appointment time to be saved and used to fill open time on a calendar.

There are two ways to add a patient to the Waitlist:

  1. There are two ways to add a patient to the Waitlist:
  • Click Add  Patient to Waitlist at the bottom of the "Availability" page


  • From Scheduler select Add Patient to Waitlist  

  1. Both Options will open the "Add Patient to Waitlist" window to fill out the required fields. Click Add Patient to Waitlist

  1. The appointment preferences will be listed on the lower half of the window

  1. Click Close

Repeat this process for all preferred timeframes.


  • Assigned providers and facilities will auto populate.
  • If a provider, facility, or day of the week is not selected, availability will be searched for across all providers, facilities, and days of the week
  • Duration will default to the time interval on the scheduler
  • Duration can be set by using a procedure code
  • The expiration date defaults to 6 months from the date set

Adding Appointments from the Waitlist

The waitlist can be used to fill time that opens on a provider’s calendar.

To add an appointment from the Waitlist:

  1. Locate the available time on the scheduler 

  1. Double click in the available timeslot
  2. The “Appointment” details box will open. Click Search Patient Waitlist

  1. The “Patient Waitlist” box will appear showing the Waitlist entries that match the time frame
  2. To make a selection, click Schedule Appointment

  1. The “Appointment” window will appear, confirm the details, and click OK

Managing the Waitlist

Deleting Waitlist Entries:

  1. Click Add Patient to Waitlist from the scheduler to open the “Add Patient to Waitlist” window

  1. Check the box on the left to select appointments to be deleted.
  2. Click Remove Selected Details

  1. The “Patient Waitlist” dialog box will appear, click Yes


Expired appointments will automatically be removed from the Waitlist


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