PPS and IO: Export FAQ

This article applies to Valant IO and the Private Practice Suite

What’s included in the data export?

  • All Practice documents and clinical documents stored under the ‘Documents’ tab of the patient's chart.  
  • Documents must be signed in order to be included in the export.  
  • Please note that Psychotherapy notes are not included in the export due to requirements around visibility and accessibility to these types of documents.

What is the cost?   

  • Valant provides a free, one-time export of all clinical notes upon the cancellation of your subscription.   
  • Data exports requested for an account that is not cancelling their subscription are performed upon request and we do charge an hourly fee. In order to provide a cost estimate based on your account please, reach out to Subscription Services (subscription@valant.com).   

Does the export include patient demographics or billing data?

  • The data export is only documents saved within the patient chart.  All other information like patient demographic or billing data can be exported via our Reports module, which our Support Representatives will be happy to help you with if you require guidance.

How do I access the data export?  And how long do I have to access the file?

  • The information is exported into a secure, HIPAA compliant server called Egnyte.  The Valant Account Signatory will provide Valant with the email address that should be given access to the server and the file will be accessible for up to 2 months.  

What do I do with the file once it is on Egnyte?

  • You can download the file from Egnyte and save the export on a HIPAA compliant device. If unsure of what constitutes HIPAA compliant devices, please consult the hhs.gov site for guidance.

How do I arrange for an export to be completed?  

  • Contact our Subscription Services team to arrange for the data export and sign the data export agreement. They can be reached at subscription@valant.com.  

Provider(s) are leaving the practice; can we arrange for an export of just that providers clinical notes?  Is there a fee for this export?

  • We can complete a Clinical document export of just the documents signed and/or uploaded into Patient Charts by the Provider. There is not a fee.  

Will the export be all providers within the practice?

  • We can complete three types of Export requests.    
    • Complete Practice: This export will export all Patient Clinical documents and Practice documents
    • Practice Export by Provider: This export will be similar to a Complete Practice export however it will be separated out by Provider
    • Provider Export: This will provide Clinical documents only for the selected Provider  

How is the data file sorted?

  • The data files are organized in two ways depending on the choice of export    
    • Complete Practice: The organization will be a folder for Active or Archived documents, within these folders will be folders of Patient IDs that contains all the Patients clinical documents organized by Document Type
    • Practice Export by Provider: Is the same as Complete Practice however after the Active or Archived folders it adds an additional layer where it filters by Provider so each Providers folder will have the documents that were uploaded or signed by them.   

What is the file type of the data export?

  • The file type is the same type that is uploaded into the Valant EHR (Word documents, PDF etc.) along with “Sig” files that are captures of the signatures when a document is electronically signed.

How large is the data export file?

  • This is different for all customers as there are multiple factors that impact the size ranging from the number of documents you have saved within the Valant system to the size of those files.

Are inactive and active patients included?

  • Yes

Do we need to have our Valant account active while exporting documents?

  • No – We can export while your account is open and after your account is closed since the documents are saved within our HIPAA secure servers.

Can additional personnel access Egnyte to download the file(s)?

  • Yes – If you are needing more than one email address to access the files please ensure to work with Subscription Services to have the email addresses included on the addendum.

To contact the Subscription Services team to arrange for a data export you can email them at subscription@valant.com or call them at 888-774-0532 x2. 

Can I receive a Medication History as part of my Data Export?  

  • A Medication History report is not something that is included in a standard data export from Valant. One can be provided through DrFirst, however they charge a fee. If this is something that you are interested in please let us know and we will get a quote on your behalf.
  •  The only other option is for the practice to run the Medication History report under System Reports in Valant. This would require the practice to run the report on a per patient basis.                         
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