Patient Notifications

Patient Notifications can be attached to any patient that will pop-up on the screen during various tasks

To create a new Patient Notification:

  1.  click on Reference Data | Patient Notifications | New+
  2. Create a name and message for pop-up notification
  3. Select checkboxes for when pop-up will appear
  4. Click Save

 To assign a Patient Notification to a patient:

  1.  navigate to Persons and Institutions | Patients.
  2. Select the patient
  3. Under the "Demographics" tab there is a demographic field called “Patient Notification”, click the Edit button
  4. On the “Edit Notifications” pop out window, select the specific notification from the dropdown and click OK
  5. Click Save

Note: All notifications that appear for a patient will be on the same pop-up message if there are more than one. In previous versions of Valant users could make them all appear on one pop-up or multiple. 

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