Patient Info-Overview

Overview definitions of the tabs in patient's information. Click Persons and Institutions | Patients. Select a patient  

  • Demographics: Patient Demographics 
  • Insurance: enter insurance details (insurance 1 / insurance 2)
  • Contacts: patient contact / emergency contact / other providers / pharmacy
  • Balances: overview of account balance (also, the Card Manager can be found here if your practice has integrated credit card processing)
  • Authorizations: view/edit authorizations
  • Other Details: additional billing information used on CMS 1500 form
  • Notes/Image: misc. notes / patient image
  • Misc.: preferred contact / language, race, ethnicity and education level
  • School: school info / IEP note
  • Appt. Reminder (optional): options for appt. reminder contact
  • Eligibility (optional): list of insurance eligibility checks
  • Portal (optional): manage patient portal account
  • History: audit of all activity
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