PPS: Patient Chart-Overview

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

This is an overview of the information contained in a patient chart.

  1. Click Open Patient Chart
  2. Select patient | Open Chart

All light-blue text is a hyperlink that directs to that section of patient chart

  • Billing Diagnoses: shows all active diagnosis
  • Previous Appointments: last three appointments
  • Upcoming Appointments: next three appointments (up to 180 days in the future)
  • Documents: last four notes, including intake note and three progress notes
  • Medications: active medications
  • Allergies: active allergies
  • Pending Lab Requests: list of pending lab requests
  • Patient Tasks Due: list of tasks that are due
  • New Medication: add a new medication
  • New Allergy: add a new allergy
  • New Lab Request: create new lab request
  • New Patient Task: create a patient task

 To access more detailed information, click on a specific tab or right-arrow to see more

To see the full list of all available tabs, click on down-arrow

Here is a list of definitions for each tab in the patient chart:

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