New Features and Enhancements

We’re excited to announce that our customers can expect significant enhancements to the Private Practice Suite in 2019! You’ll see improvements to Mobile Notes, Patient Portal, and other important features. Each enhancement will be listed on this page; check back for up-to-date information on new features and enhancements.

Recent Release:

Manage Mobile Notes Templates
Valant is excited to announce the general availability of the new Manage Mobile Notes Templates feature! This feature will allow our practice users to configure the tabs of existing Mobile Notes Templates, and clone and create their own new Mobile Notes Templates. For convenience, we've built two master templates that can be used as a starting point for cloning. They are "MASTER Intake Note - All Tabs & Measures" and "Master Progress Note - All Tabs & Measures."

Past Releases

Patient Portal Appointment Request 
Valant now supports the ability to allow patients to request an appointment through the Patient Portal! Review video and articles below articles to learn about the feature and how to configure it to let patients request their own appointments!

This release adds macro functionality to Mobile Notes. Users will be able to create and insert macros within a Mobile Note, streamlining documentation by creating custom wording for easy reuse.
  • Mobile Notes Macros

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