Manage Custom Fields and Tabs

Custom Fields

Within Valant Private Practice Suite, it is possible to add custom fields in the admin module that will appear in the patient record under when users click Persons and Institutions | Patients | Custom Tabs.

To create a custom field follow the following instructions:

  1. Log into the Valant EHR and choose to continue to the admin module
  2. Click Tools | Manage custom Fields 
  1. Click New Custom Field at the top right and enter necessary details
  2. Click Save at the bottom of the page

The "EMR Label" field is how the field will be titled when viewing it under "Patients".

The “Report” Label field is how it will appear in the Data Export Center (beta) when running custom demographic reports or building them in the Data Export Center Admin (beta). The “Type” drop-down will determine the restrictions on what can be entered into the field users create.

Custom Field Types

Text: This field has no restrictions and will allow the user to type in and save any characters they prefer.

Date: This field will hold dates between the range users select. If the earliest and latest valid date value fields are blank, any date will be accepted.  

Integer: This field holds negative and positive whole numbers in-between the selected range.

Decimal: This field will hold numbers with decimals.

Drop-down: This field will allow users to select from the entries added under list options.

To add an option to the list:

  1. Click Add
  2. Enter a name for the option under the “Item Text” field
  3. Click OK

To remove a saved option:

  1. Select the list option
  2. Click Edit
  3. Select the "Inactive" checkbox
  • To change the order of the list    
    1. Click on a list option
    2. Click the arrow buttons on the right to move it up or down on the list
    3. Alternatively, click Sort to list them alphabetically    

Custom Tabs

In order for custom fields to display, a custom tab will need to be created to assign the fields to. To create a custom tab:

  1. Click Tools | Manage Custom Tabs | New Custom Tab
  2. Fill out the necessary fields
  3. Click Save

 As with custom fields the “EMR Label” field is how the field will appear when viewing it after clicking Persons and Institutions | Patients.

The “Report Label field” is how it will appear in the Data Export Center (beta) when running custom demographic reports or building them in the Data Export Center Admin (beta).

After the custom tab has been named, custom fields can be assigned.

  1. Click Manage
  2. Move the appropriate custom fields to the right into the “Assigned Custom Fields” box by clicking the arrow buttons
  3. Click OK
  4. Click Save

The custom tab will now appear in the EHR after clicking Persons and Institutions | Patients | Custom Tabs

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