List of Taxonomy Codes

The Taxonomy Code sent on an electronic claim is controlled by the "Specialty" dropdown box.

The Specialty dropdown box can be accessed by clicking on Persons and Institutions | Providers or by clicking on Persons and Institutions | Practice

The following is a list of the currently available Taxonomy Codes:

Code      Display Name
2084A0401X      Addiction Medicine
2084P0802X      Addiction Psychiatry
261QM0850X      Adult Mental Health
261QM0855X      Ambulatory Health Care Facilities - Adolescent and Children Mental Health
261Q00000X      Ambulatory Health Care Facilities - Clinic/Center
2084B0002X      Bariatric Medicine
103K00000X      Behavioral Analyst
101YA0400X      Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers - Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)
1041C0700X      Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers - Clinical Social Worker
101YM0800X      Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers - Mental Health Counselor
101YP1600X      Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers - Pastoral Counselor
103TP0016X      Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers - Prescribing (Medical) Psychologist
101YP2500X      Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers - Professional Counselor
101YS0200X      Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers - School Counselor
171M00000X      Case Manager/Care Coordinator
2084P0804X      Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
2084N0600X      Clinical Neurophysiology
103G00000X      Clinical Neuropsychologist
364S00000X      Clinical Nurse Specialist
364SP0808X      Clinical Nurse Specialist (Psychiatric/Mental Health)
364SP0809X      Clinical Nurse Specialist (Psychiatric/Mental Health, Adult)
103TC0700X      Clinical Psychologist
320800000X      Community Based Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Illness
251S00000X      Community/Behavioral Health
101Y00000X      Counselor
2080P0006X      Developmental–Behavioral Pediatrics
2084D0003X      Diagnostic Neuroimaging
133V00000X      Dietitian, Registered
363LF0000X      Family
207Q00000X      Family Medicine
2084F0202X      Forensic Psychiatry
2084P0805X      Geriatric Psychiatry
193200000X      Group (Multi-Specialty)
193400000X      Group (Single Specialty)
2084H0002X      Hospice & Palliative Medicine
207R00000X      Internal Medicine
106H00000X      Marriage & Family Therapist
261QM0801X      Mental Health (Including Community Mental Health Center)
2084P0005X      Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
2084N0400X      Neurology
2084N0402X      Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology
2084N0008X      Neuromuscular Medicine
363L00000X      Nurse Practitioner
363LP0808X      Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatric/Mental Health)
225X00000X      Occupational Therapist (Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and
                 Restorative Service Providers)
2084P2900X      Pain Medicine
2080P0214X      Pediatric Pulmonary Disease
363A00000X      Physician Assistant
363AM0700X      Physician Assistant, Medical
102X00000X      Poetry Therapist
261QP2300      Primary Care 
     Psychiatric/Mental Health, Child & Adolescent
364SP0810X      Psychiatric/Mental Health, Child & Family: Physician Assistants & Advanced Practice Nursing
2084P0800X      Psychiatry
102L00000X      Psychoanalyst
103T00000X      Psychologist
103TC2200X      Psychologist Clinical Child & Adolescent
103TC1900X      Psychologist Counseling
2084P0015X      Psychosomatic Medicine
2084S0012X      Sleep Medicine
104100000X      Social Worker
174400000X      Specialist
235Z00000X      Speech-Language Pathologist
2084S0010X      Sports Medicine
390200000X      Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program
2084V0102X      Vascular Neurology

If you require a specialty that is not listed here, please contact Support

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