IO: Logout Due to Inactivity

This article applies to Valant IO

Valant IO has a security feature which will automatically log a user out after 60 minutes of inactivity in the EHR. There is not an option to customize the logout to be longer or shorter. While providers are seeing patients and documenting at the same time, they need to remain active in the EHR, and save  work frequently. In Mobile Notes users can do this by checking the saved status in the upper right hand corner, or using the Save and Close button located on the Review Tab. It is also important to note that opening or completing documentation for a session outside of the EHR page (Mobile Notes or Word Document Templates) does not count toward EHR activity. For example, if a provider opens a Mobile Note to document a session, spends over 60 minutes typing their note then goes back to the EHR, they will be logged out. 


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