IO: Private Practice Suite Upgrades

This article applies to Valant IO updates

As progress continues on upgrading our EHR please enjoy a quick message from our CEO and Founder, David Lischner, MD.

Below you can see previous updates: 

Third update:
We are making great progress on replacing Silverlight in the Private Practice Suite, and we’re pleased to share more previews of the new and improved interface!  We are excited to show  a short video to give a glimpse at the new application in use with key, familiar features. We look forward to sharing more updates, including when we are ready to deliver the new product to your practice! As progress continues on the upgrade images are subject to change.
Second Update:
As work continues on the upgrade of the Private Practice Suite to remove Silverlight we are excited to share more updates with our valued customers.

The Main Dashboard has an updated user interface. Enhancements have been made to readability, color scheme, and color coding of action items to highlight their level of importance.
The Billing Dashboard will have a lot of familiarity for current users. The enhanced readability allows users to quickly get an overview of the revenue cycle at a glance.
View/Edit Charges is structured very similarly to the existing page. The same billing status colors are carried over, allowing for seamless transition to a familiar system. The new interface also allows for use of the full screen to view more charges. Great care was put into this section because it is one of the most data rich pages in the billing application.
View/Edit Charges now allows for better utilization of space, only revealing charge details after selecting a charge. The colors in the charge details are more distinct, making it easier to read and understand the billing history of a charge at a glance. 
First Update:
The new login page showcases the updated look and feel seen throughout the system. Our new fonts, layout, and color scheme increase readability while maintaining ease of use with the application you already know.
The calendar has a new look while retaining the functionality users enjoy today. The process for recording appointments and initiating documentation is unchanged, with an updated yet familiar calendar layout.
Our new appointment pop-out showcases the enhanced interface, including an updated “Conflicts” tab that alerts users to the number of conflicts at a glance, and displays the details in a list.

The modern layout makes it easier to read text, and users can zoom in and out to change the size of the font. To best utilize space, when a user navigates to a page with a list the list will be visible as a full page until the user makes a selection. The selected field will then appear in the lower half of the page, and an adjustable median continues to support custom utilization of screen space.

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