Free/Busy Time

Free/Busy time is a designation that can be used for different Appointment Categories. Users can edit this designation for Appointment Categories on the Persons and Institutions | Practice page. In order to edit an appointment category a user will need the "Practice" permission. 

Every Appointment Category will default to “Busy”. Meaning that an appointment labeled as such is occupied. Users may switch the Availability to “Free” so that appointments will be ignored in the EHR for availability when searching for open time slots and checking for conflicts. The "Free" designation will also allow patients who are requesting appointments through the Patient Portal to request those times.

Once appointment categories are assigned, a Free/Busy designation can be set to default for primary codes on the Transaction Codes | Procedures page. It can also be manually changed per appointment on the Scheduler. 
Note: At this time there is not a way to see if a category is set to Free/Busy on the calendar. 

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