PPS: Firefox ESR 52 Instructions for Mac OS

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

The following are instructions for installing Firefox ESR Version 52 on a MAC OS. If Firefox is already installed on your computer it is important that you follow the steps detailed in Preventing Auto Updates Firefox-Advanced before uninstalling Firefox. If you have already completed those steps or this is your first time installing Firefox onto your computer, follow these steps:

To Uninstall Firefox:

  1. Click Go and select Applications from the drop-down list

  1. From the Applications folder, find the Firefox application, click on firefox.app and drag it to the Trash on your Dock

To Install Firefox on your computer:

  1. Click the download link for Mac to get Firefox Version  52.8.0 ESR here
  1. The file will be downloaded in the "Downloads" folder, open the folder and click on the downloaded file
  1. When prompted, Click and drag the Firefox Icon into the folder

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