Error While Attempting to Send a Fax

If an error is encountered while attempting to send a fax, the issue will need to be resolved by contacting Support.
Value Description
(any value greater than 0) TransactionID. This indicates a successful connection to the Web Service
-111 Attempting to fax to a number that is not the designated fax number in a developer account
-112 No valid recipients added or missing fax number
-114 Postpone date too late (can be no later than 30 days from now)
-123 No valid documents attached
-150 Internal System Error
-310 User is not authorized to operate actions on RequestedUserID
-311 Transaction does not belong to requested user
-312 Email(s) already resent
-710 At least one of the two parameter QueryControl.ReturnItems, QueryControl.ReturnStats should be set to true
-1002 Number of types does not match number of document sizes string
-1003 Authentication error
-1004 Missing file type
-1005 Transaction does not exist
-1007 Size value is not numeric or not greater than 0
-1008 Total sizes does not match files data length
-1009     Image not available (may happen if the 'delete fax after completion' feature is active)
-1011 Too many data requests (maximum frequency of polling for fax status defined under "System Limitations")
-1030 Invalid Verb or VerbData
-1062 Wrong session ID
-1063 Total file size is too big
-2050 Invalid EmailFormat value (should be PlainText/PlainTextLink)
-2051 Invalid EmailImageFormat value (should be TIF/PDF/Default)
-2052 Invalid WebFeedBackMethod value (should be None/WS/Post)
-2053 Invalid AttachmentFormat value (should be TIF/PDF)
-2054 Invalid DeleteAfterUsage value (should be DeleteAfterWS/DeleteAfterMail/DontDelete)
-2055 Invalid DefaultRetriesInterval
-2056     Invalid DefaultPageScaling
-2057 Invalid DefaultTextFontSize
-2058 Invalid WebFeedBackType
-2060 Invalid WebFeedBackMethod
-2071 User is not authorized to operate actions on specified contact list
-2072 There is not contact list with ListID value which belong to requested userid
-2073 There is no contact associated with ContactID
-2074 User is not authorized to operate actions on specified contact
-2075 Fax input is not a valid fax number
-2076 Contact List reached it's maximum number of contacts
-2077 Ownername value can not be empty
-2078 Ownerid value can not be empty
-2084 The specified user does not belong to the provided superuser's accounts
-3001 Invalid MessageI
-3002 "From" parameter is larger than image size
-3003     Image doesn't exist
-3004 TIFF file is empty
-3005 Requested chunk size is invalid (less than 1 or greater than the maximum value defined under "System Limitations")
-3006 Max item is smaller than 1
-3007 No permission for this action (In inbound method GetList, LType is set to AccountAllMessages or AccountNewMessages, when the username is not a Primary user)
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