IO: Document Types

This article applies to the Valant IO interface

The "Document Type" drop-down menu, will search the Document Type column of the Documents Tab of the Patient's Chart.

The options in this drop-down menu are controlled by Valant Medical Solutions, but any Valant user with an active account can request that new document type be added to the Valant Suite EHR. If a new document type is requested please be sure to specify the following:

  • Whether this document needs to be available in the "Documents" tab of a Patient's Chart, on the "Practice Documents" section, or both.
  • If the document is going to be for a Patient's Chart let Valant know if the document should be "Clinical" or "non-clinical". "Clinical" would require a provider to upload, or if a staff member uploads a document would require a provider to initial before it is uploaded to the chart. This is typically for things like measures. "Non-clinical" would typically be something that does not have clinical content, like a billing note or a note from school. 

To filter for a specific type of document, users can pick an item or type the desired document type. The string of text can be anywhere in the name of the document.

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