Appointment Reminders Status Report

To view the status of an appointment reminder:
  1. Click on Reports | System Reports
  2. Click on the Appointment Drop-down menu
  3. Select Appointment Reminders Status
  4. Select the filter criteria such as Start Date, End Date, Provider, and Patient
  5. Click on the Preview Button
A report will appear for review. The message statuses that might appear include the following.

Email Statuses: 

  • Email Sent. Email succeeded.
  • Email Attempted. Email error.

SMS Statuses:

  • Message Sent. Text succeeded.
  • Message Attempted. Landline or no carrier.
  • Message Attempted. Invalid or unknown number
  • Message Attempted. Text error blocked.
  • Message Attempted. Unreachable handset error.
  • Message Attempted. Unknown error.
  • Opted Out

Robocall Statuses:

  • Live Answer.
  • Call Made. Message left on voice mail.
  • Call Attempted. No answer.
  • Line Busy.
  • Call Answered but hung-up before message left.
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