Customer Addenda

Valant recently sent to all customers, an EchoSign request to sign three addenda to the Master Services Agreement: 

  • System Service Order Addendum: Pricing List – this includes Valant’s new services, such as e-faxing and e-signature. Signing this now will allow Valant to quickly enable your requested service when you call or email to add it to your account. Signing this Addendum will not automatically sign you up for these services. You will not be charged until you formally request activation. You will also be contacted when these features are available.
  • CPT Sublicense – this an American Medical Association requirement for use of CPT codes in the Valant EHR.
  • Business Associate Agreement – as part of Valant’s periodic review of form agreements, we’ve updated the BAA to clarify our obligations under HIPAA and to better align the BAA to Valant’s standard business agreements with our customers.
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