Creating a New Patient

To quickly create a new patient in order to create an appointment, please do the following:

  1. Click on New | New Patient
  2. The patient Demographics tab appears in the bottom section. Fill out the items that are highlighted in yellow . These are required fields
  3. Click Save

New required fields will appear highlighted in yellow, however, at this point, an appointment can be scheduled for the patient via the Scheduler, click Tools | Scheduler. These fields can be completed and saved when the patient comes in for their appointment after filling out their admission forms.

The Patient ID will be auto-generated at this time and the Patient ID: field will now be populated and greyed out. The Patient ID cannot be changed.

If a patient was created in error or should not remain active they can be inactivated by clicking the "Inactive" checkbox.

 Information on additional tabs that appear when a patient is selected

  • Insurance 1: used to provide insurance information for the patient
  • Contacts: used to provide additional contact information for the patient
  • Balances: used to provide a quick financial overview for the patient
  • Authorizations: used to manage insurance authorizations for the selected patient
  • Other Details: used to designate special patient information used on a HCFA claim form
  • Notes/Images: used to store basic information about the patient as well as a patient picture
  • Misc.: used to record items that aid in incentive programs such as Meaningful Use
  • School: used to store a patient's school and Individual Educational Plan
  • Appt. Reminder: used to specify how each patient will be contacted for appointment reminders
  • Portal: used to setup a Patient Portal Account for a patient
  • History: an audit log of all changes that have been made to the tab that are listed above
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