Calendar Zoom Slider

The Calendar Zoom Slider allows users to customize the view of the calendar. This affects how much of the calendar can be seen without vertical scrolling, and the size of the appointment blocks. 

  • There are five different levels of zoom that will adjust Day, Week, and Work Week views.
  • When the Interval is changed, the zoom setting will automatically adjust.
  • When a user changes the zoom the interval will not be changed. (If the interval is changed and zoom is not desirable it will need to be manually changed.)
  • The zoom setting will be included in the preset view saved fields.
  • The default view is a 15 minute interval and the lowest zoom level. 
  • The zoom setting will be stored in the users cached view. When a user leaves a page and comes back the zoom won't need to be changed. Clearing the cache and cookies will restore the default view. 

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