PPS: Adding or Editing a New Provider

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

Adding a new provider

  1. Log in to the Valant Suite EHR with an Admin License
  2. Click Persons and Institutions | Providers
  3. Click on New Provider in the upper right corner of the browser window. The EHR will navigate to the User Account tab
  4. Specify a username in the "Login Name" field.
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on the Provider tab
  7. Fill out the demographics (fields highlighted in yellow are mandatory)
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click on the User Account tab
  10. Click on Initiate Account Setup
  11. An Account Setup Warning will appear
  12.  The user will need to be notified of their username
  13. 13. The Account Setup email will go to the email address that was specified
  14. 14. Click OK

The user will receive a Welcome email from Valant Account Setup (AcctSetup@valantmed.com). The user must click on the encrypted link within 72 or the link will expire. The user will have to set a password and three security questions.

Password requirements

  • The password must be unique from the previous five passwords that have been create
  • Passwords require a minimum of six characters
  • Passwords require a minimum of one upper case character
  • Passwords require a minimum of one lower case character
  • Passwords require a minimum of one number or non-alphabetic character (Ex:  ! @ # $ % ^ & * ?)

Editing a current provider

  1. Click Persons and Institutions | Providers
  2. Select a provider
  3. Edit the demographics as needed
  4. Click Save
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