Add/Edit/View Authorizations

In order to attach an authorization for a patient follow these instructions:

  1. Click Persons and Institutions | Patients
  2. Click on a patient and select the "Authorizations" tab

    As shown above authorizations contains the following data entry fields:

  • "Show expired authorizations" checkbox: displays expired authorizations
  • New Authorization button: used to add a new authorization for a patient
  • View/Edit Authorization button: used to add, view or edit an authorization for a patient
  1. Click New Authorization: this window contains the following data entry fields and tabs


  • Authorization Code Field: code from insurance company that identifies the authorization.
  • Note Field: a miscellaneous note about the authorization.
  • Insurance Drop-down Menu: the insurance company that granted the authorization.
  • Start Date Field: the start date of the authorization.
  • Expiration Date Field: the expiration date of the authorization.
  • Allowed Visits Field: the number of visits granted by the authorization.
  • Visits Used Field: the number of visits already used by the patient on this authorization.
  • Do not use for billing Checkbox: this disables the authorization from being used when billing the patient.
  • Transaction Codes Tab: a required tab that contains the transaction codes that the authorization is approved for.
  • Providers tab: a required tab that contains the providers that the patient can see under this authorization.
  1. Click OK | Save to add the authorization.

In order to view or edit an existing authorization, please complete the following steps:

  1. Select the "Authorization" tab
  2. Click on View/Edit Authorization | Change information | OK | Save
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