Action Items

The Action Items is a quick reference list of items that require attention. All Action Items include a hyperlink to the list that is associated with the header. Clicking on a header will open a new page to allow for quick reference to other portions of the EHR. Keep in mind that what you see under Action Items may differ based on your practice settings and your role/permissions. 

List of all Action Items:

  • Prescriptions pending / need signing: Click to open DrFirst and access the Prescription Report to address unsigned prescriptions for all patients.
  • Prescription renewals: Click to open DrFirst and access the Pharmacy Messages to address all refill requests sent electronically from pharmacies.
  • Undocumented sessions: Navigate to the Document Sessions page to address appointments without clinical documentation (not available with a staff license).
  • Unsigned documents: Navigate to the Unsigned Documents page to address clinical documentation that has been completed but requires a provider's signature.
  • Uninitialed documents: Navigate to the Uninitaled Documents page to review documents intended for a patient chart (e.g. outcome measures or clinical documents uploaded by staff users) that are waiting to be to be initialed and not signed (not available with a staff license). 
  • Unrecorded appointments: Navigate to the Calendar View to address unrecorded appointments (not available with a staff license).
  • Patients with pending insurance claims: Navigate to the Create Insurance Claims page.
  • Patients missing demographic information: Navigate to the Patients page to address patients with missing demographic information.
  • Appointment requests: Navigate to the Appointment Requests Queue page to review and approve patients’ appointment requests submitted via the Patient Portal.
  • Demographic updates: Navigate to the Demographics Update Queue page to review and approve patients’ demographic updates submitted via the Patient Portal.
  • Unread secure messages: Navigate to the Secure Messaging tool to view and respond to unread secure messages.
  • Portal accounts needing verification: Navigate to the Patients page to find patients where Portal Status equals “Portal Requires Validation”. Select patient record to validate account from the Portal tab. 
  • Unsigned / overdue eSignature requests: Navigate to the Unsigned eSignature Requests page to review and manage outstanding eSignature requests.  
  • Unapplied Portal Payments: Navigate to the Apply Portal Payment page to review patient payments submitted via the Patient Portal Online Billpay tool and apply those payments to outstanding charges. 
  • Pending lab requests: Navigate to the Pending Lab Requests page to review and manage pending lab requests.
  • Outstanding To Do's: Navigate to the To Do page to add, edit, and delete To Do's.
  • Completed reports in queue: Navigate to the Report Queue page to view completed reports.

Note: If your practice does not use a feature, any corresponding Action Items will not appear in your EHR.

The items highlighted in the screenshot below represent practice level counts. The other items represent individual user counts. 

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