Top Workflows by Role

There are a number of roles and responsibilities that go into running a successful practice. At smaller practices this may be done by a few or sometimes only one person. At larger practices there are typically people with highly specialized roles. Expand the menu options below to view the most commonly used workflows organized by the three most common roles at a practice of any size. If you are a Valant users, chances are you perform at least a few of these workflows daily. If you are at a small practice you may complete all of these workflows on a daily basis.

Practice Staff

Practice staff responsibilities at some practices include Scheduling, Accepting Payments, Patient Intake, Patient Portal Setup, and start the billing workflow.


A providers role at a practice can vary greatly based on the size of the practice. In general a providers responsibilities include scheduling, documentation, prescribing, and starting the billing workflow.


Billers at a practice are in charge of ensuring the revenue cycle flows smoothly. This typically includes creating charges, sending insurance claims, posting insurance payments, creating patient statements, and accepting patient payments.

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