Office Staff

For users with the Admin Access permission the "Office Staff" page allows users to edit staff details, preferences, permissions, and other options available for providers. To access this page, from the navigation menu select Persons and Institutions | Office Staff.

Select a office staff user to open up their details and numerous tabs that allow for configuration for the specific user. Please note some tabs may not be available based on your practices configuration. 

User Account

The "User Account" tab allows the practice to edit the login name, inactive option, redo account setup, or reset password. Login name is the name the user uses when they sign in to Valant. Selecting the Inactive box will make the provider inactive and prevent them from logging in. Redo Account Setup will erase a staff users password and security questions and ask them to recreate those details. The Reset Password button will send the user a email to reset their password.   


The Staff tab contains the staff id, display name, and staff email. 


The Permissions tab allows configuration of permissions. Use the checkbox next to a permission to allow or hide certain pages and functionality for office staff based on their role. 

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

Clinical Decision Supports are pop up messages that serve as clinical reminders. Practices can choose which messages to receive by using the checkbox next to the reminder. 


The "History" tab will show an audit log of and edits or changes made to a staff user.

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