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This article applies to Valant IO

From the navigation menu select Persons and Institutions | Patients to access the page. 

This page contains a list of patients and is where patient demographic information is stored and can be updated. Patients can be searched by Name, Address, Main Phone, Date of Birth, or Documentation ID to quickly lookup a specific patient. Each column can be filtered and the order in which the columns appear can be changed by dragging and dropping the heading.

The buttons on the top right allow for users to:

Export all data: This button will download an excel file of data
Select Columns: This allows users to customize what columns appear on the heading of the grid
Clear Filters and Search: This will clear any filters or searches that are currently being used on the grid
Refresh Data: Will refresh the page and show any updates or changes made

Selecting a patient will reveal the Demographics tab and allow for changes to the patients information. There are also other tabs available based on your practices specific configuration. Including insurance tabs (based on how many insurance assigned to the patient), Contacts, Balances, Authorizations, Other Details, Notes/Image, Misc., School, Eligibility, Portal, and History.  

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