PPS: Patient Filter

This article is for the Private Practice Suite.

Users can filter patients lists when selecting a patient from a list in the system. These fields are type-ahead search fields that also have the option to select from a list. The patient filter button can be seen in certain areas of the system including: "Open Patient Chart", "Create Insurance Claims", "View/Edit Charges", and other areas of the system. The filter button is indicated with a filter icon. For example, if a user clicks Open Patient Chart from the navigation menu they will encounter the filter button on the "Open Patient Chart" dialogue box. To use this feature:

  • Click the Patient Filter button to open the “Patient Filter” options.

  • The Patient Filter button can be clicked to open the "Patient Filter" dialogue box.


These drop-downs allow for selection of one parameter each. If you select a provider in the “Provider” drop-down it will only show patients that have that provider as the “Assigned Provider” listed in the demographics. When a facility is selected it will only show patients that have that facility listed as the “Assigned Facility” listed in the demographics. Patient type will filter all patients that have been assigned that specific "Patient Type".

Note:  Filters are restrictive. If a user cannot find a patient in the drop-down list, it is likely something to do with these filters or incomplete demographics. If you use these filters please be aware if a patient does not meet all the criteria, they will not appear in the list.  

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