Pending Insurance Claims Report

The Pending Insurance Claims Report is a Billing Report in the System reports that is used to see which claims are in Valant and pending insurance submission. Charges that have been created and  set to be billed to an insurance payor will show on this report. This will include charges that are in yellow in View/Edit Charges page. The filters on the report allow you to filter by specific Insurance Payor, Facility, Patient, Provider or Responsible Payer (Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary).

This report is useful to find claims that are pending insurance submission, and can also be useful to run before submitting claims to see which claims are going to be submitted. If a claim is appearing on this report and not being send when creating a batch of claims for electronic claim submission it is always good to check and make sure that the EDI Payor Id is added for the insurance company. This is a common issue when practices are trying to send a claim for a newly added insurance company. 

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