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This article applies to Valant IO

Billing type is a way to categorize the providers in a practice. This field is used in billing features such as Copay Schedule and Fee Schedule.

To setup Billing Types from the navigation menu click Reference Data | Billing Types.


To add a new Billing Type, click the New located in the upper right corner. Billing type require a name, but the description field is optional.


Users can create as many billing types as needed. Billing Types that are no longer being used can be inactivated by selecting the "Inactive" checkbox and select Save. Billing Types can also be reactivated if they need to be used again by selecting the "Show inactive billing types" checkbox, select the inactive billing type, deselecting the "Inactive" checkbox and click Save.

Note: Inactivating a Billing Type does NOT automatically remove the associated Billing Type from the provider. This means that, if a patient is using a Copay Schedule for a specific Billing Type that has been inactivated, this Copay Schedule will still be used for any providers which still have the Billing Type. To avoid this, make sure to change the Billing Type associated with a provider under Persons and Institutions | Providers, after inactivating a Billing Type that is used by a provider.


Persons and Institutions | Providers

To apply a Billing Type to a specific provider, you must go to Persons and Institutions | Providers.


There is a "Billing type" field that will populate with options populated from the Billing Type page under Reference Data. Selecting a Billing type or the blank selection and clicking "Save" will enact the selection.

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