PPS and IO: Billing Tips

This article applies to the Valant IO interface and Private practice Suite

Accurate billing begins before you submit a claim

  • Consider doing a benefit check and having a signed fee agreement on file for each patient
  • Have a copy of the front and back of the insurance card in the patient’s chart
  • Make sure you Know who processes mental health claims for the payer

Make sure the patient account is set-up to move through the billing cycle correctly. If insurance is being billed first:

  • Use ‘Auto bill insurance’ and ‘Auto bill patient’
  • Use crossover if billing to Medicare
  • Double check that all insurance information is entered correctly on the patients tab
  • Enter the EDI Payer ID number for electronical submission
  • Enter patient’s co-pay to be collected at the time of service
  • Once claims are processed, bill patient for their responsibility

Let Valant help you! Monitor charges through the billing cycle:

  • Check for claim rejections in your clearing house
  • Run the insurance aging report so you can follow-up on outstanding claims either through the payer portals or by calling the insurance company
  • Use the patient aging report to contact patients about their balance
  • Submit claims and post payments on a regular basis in your account
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