PPS and IO: Mobile Notes Spellcheck

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite and Valant IO 

 Any spelling or grammar review in Mobile Notes is something that is a part of your internet browser or third party software on your device. Browser and third party spellcheck options can be used in Mobile Notes.

Users can enable spell check within Google Chrome by:

  1. Click Settings (three vertically stacked dots on the top right)

  2. Scroll all the way down and click on Advanced 

  3. Under Languages there are options to enable different types of spellcheck and customize.

Note: Enhanced spell check should not be used as text you type is sent to Google and that includes any PHI that is typed. 

Users enable Spell check within Mozilla Firefox by: 

  1. Click the Menu button located at the upper-right corner of the screen

  2. Click Options

  3. Scroll to the “Language” section

  4. Select “Check my spelling as you type” if you want to turn spell checker on

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