IO: Assigning Insurance

This article applies to Valant IO

To assign insurance to a patient users can follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Persons and Institutions | Patients 
  2. Select Options | Insurance | Add Insurance 1
  3. Complete the information for the Insurance 1 tab. The insurance drop-down will show a list of insurance carries listed for your practice under Persons and Institutions | Insurance Companies. Fill out all relevant information for the patient. When adding an insurance for the patient the only required field will be "Insurance", "Type", and "ID Number". If the practice will accept a payment from the carrier select the "Accept assignment" box. If the insurance should be automatically billed when charges are created select the "Auto bill insurance" box. If the insurance company has a crossover and the primary will bill the secondary insurance then select the "Crossover or dual coverage" box.
  4. Click Save

Users can edit, delete, and add secondary or tertiary insurance by selecting Options | Insurance              

There is also an opportunity for users to "Reset Bill Insurance 1". This option is useful when there is an addition or edit to an insurance, and claims that have been created and may need to be re-billed with the correct information.  A pop-up will appear asking which dates to reset. 

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