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CPT/Transaction Codes are maintained by the practice, based on the services offered. This list comes pre-populated from Valant with commonly used mental health codes. Additional codes should be entered by a practice as needed.

To add a new transaction code :

  1. Click Transaction Codes|Procedures
  2. Click New Procedure
  3. Enter specific procedure information for the code. Transaction Code ID, Description, CPT Code, Service Units, and Place of service are all required fields when adding a new code. The other fields are optional. 
  4. Click Save 
  • CPT Code: Must contain a valid CPT code
  • Fee: Practice fee for procedure 
  • Place of Service: Where the service was rendered (Office, Telehealth, etc)
  • Default Appointment Duration: Sets default length of appointment on scheduler. 
  • Category: Applies a default color to appointments using the procedure code. 
  • Insurance Procedure Checkbox - Indicates whether or not a procedure is considered an Add-on Code. 
  • Count as Visit/Count as Encounter: Indicates whether or not this procedure counts as a patient visit for authorizations and Meaningful Use. 
  • Allow Patient Reminders: Indicates whether or not an Appointment Reminder will go to the patient when they are scheduled for this procedure. 
  • Use as Next Procedure in Charge or Appointment Creation: Used to indicated that this procedure will be automatically selected when the next appointment is created for the patient, when this is the last recorded appointment for that patient. 
  • Is Laboratory Service Checkbox: Used to indicated whether or not a procedure is a laboratory service. 
  • Inactive Checkbox: Used to inactivate a procedure that is no longer being used. This hides it from the visible list. 

Editing Transaction Codes

In order to edit an existing procedure code navigate to the list of codes and select an item from the list. This will allow all fields other than the Transaction Code ID to be edited. To save any changes to the code simply click Save.

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