PPS: What do I have to do to participate in MIPS?

1. Determine which reporting option to pursue. All of these options will result in eligible clinicians avoiding a negative payment adjustment in 2019.

Option A: Test the Quality Payment Program

Submit minimum amount of 2017 data to Medicare:

  • One Quality Measure, or
  • One Improvement Activity, or
  • Four or five required Advancing Care Information Measures

Option B: Participate for part of the calendar year

Submit 90 consecutive days of data to Medicare

Option C: Participate for the full calendar year

Submit full 2017 calendar year of data to Medicare

2. Understand the process for recording and reporting data in each of the four categories:

The "Meaningful Use CQM" document that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page includes instructions for populating the numerator and denominator of each measure.

CMS will evaluate the claims received by Medicare. No other reporting is needed for this category.

Improvement Activities
MIPS lists 92 improvement activities, but eight are specific to mental health. Filter by Subcategory Name: Behavioral and Mental Health to view the specific measures.

Advancing Care Information
There are two options to track Advancing Care data for 2017 reporting. Users will follow Option 2: 2017 Advancing Care Information Transition Objectives and Measures. Please review  Meaningful Use Menu and Documentation for instructions about completing the objectives.


MIPS Usage Guide- January 2019.pdf

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