PPS: Meaningful Use Menu and Documentation

This article applies to the Private Practice Suite

NOTE: To begin your Meaningful Use attestation, the EHR Certification number is 1314E01P3SJ2EAF

The Meaningful Use Menu is where a Provider's Meaningful Use Measures metrics can be determined for attestation.

Click on Meaningful Use | Meaningful Use Measure


Provider Drop-down Box: Used to filter by provider.
From Fields: Used to search a date range for the measures. Be sure to verify that the date range is correct for the desired attestation period.
Stage Radio Buttons: Used to change your report between stage 1 and stage 2 rules.
Calculate Measures Button: This will run the report that displays Quality Measures metrics for attestation purposes. This report can be filtered by the Provider and the desired date range.
Create File Button: This exports the Meaningful Use metrics to an .XLS spreadsheet.

Please refer to the below documentation for Valant's attestation product or click access the Meaningful Use - Documentation from Previous Years


MU 2015 Modified Stage 2 TOC.pdf

2015 Attestation Guide.pdf

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